Zapier and GetScreenshot: The Best of Both Worlds

GetScreenshot is a service developed by Rasterwise, created to help you take snapshots of your device’s screen. The good thing about GetScreenshot is that it’s not just any screenshotting service—it comes with several features that put it a cut above the rest. For one, you can highlight certain parts of what you just shot rather than having to go all the way back to the gallery to use its built-in feature. Another great thing about GetScreenshot is that you can save what you just shot as a .pdf document. You can even send it immediately via email, sending you precious minutes in the process!

Sounds good, right? However, it doesn’t stop there. Aside from the built-in screenshot features, GetScreenshot also has built-in webhooks developed by Zapier. What exactly can these webhooks integrated in GetScreenshot do? Read on below.

What Is a Webhook?

As user-defined HTTP callbacks, webhooks are a type of application programming interface (API) driven by an event. Rather than an application asking another to receive a response, a webhook is a service that allows one application to send its data to another as soon as the request takes place.

Webhooks have been known to be called “reverse APIs,” because actions are executed by the program sending the data instead of the receiving program. Since there is and will continue to be a push for instantaneous communication and quick solutions, webhooks are growing in popularity as an alternative to full-scale APIs. While they do not have the same functionality as the latter, they’re an excellent way to enable real-time alerts and updates with limited resources.

How to Connect Zapier’s Webhooks to GetScreenshot

One of the best things about integrating webhooks to GetScreenshot is that you don’t need any programming experience. In fact, connecting the two is just a matter of following a few easy steps:

Step 1: Authenticate Webhooks by Zapier + GetScreenshot.

Step 2: Pick one of the apps as a trigger, which will kick off your automation.

Step 3: Choose a resulting action from the other app—GetScreenshot.

Step 4: Select the data you want to send from one app to the other.

After this is done, the integration should be set up and you should be able to use it immediately!

Now, let’s go over the triggers you can choose and the actions you can take:


Triggers are the webhooks that you’ll need to integrate with GetScreenshot. Below are the following triggers that you can use.

Retrieve Poll: This involves Zapier making a GET request of an external URL to look for additional entries.

Catch Raw Hook: This trigger activates a Zap when a new POST, PUT, or GET to a Zapier URL. It retrieves a maximum of 2 MB of unparsed data and is appropriate if you require access to the raw body of the response.

Catch Hook: This trigger gives you a unique URL that can be used for POST requests and will be appropriate for most uses.


Actions come from GetScreenshot’s end. Below are the actions that you can use.

Take Website Screenshot: This action is just what it sounds like. You will be able to take a custom screenshot and pass it along via Zapier.

Take Website Screenshot and Send It via Email: After your screenshot is taken, this action sends it to a pre-specified email address.

Take Website Element Screenshot (Advanced): This action allows a screenshot of only a certain website element to be taken.

Take Website Element Screenshot and Send It via Email (Advanced): After your screenshot of a certain website element is taken, this action sends it to a pre-specified email address.

Custom Request: This action allows you to create a custom request with raw details. While this action is useful, it can be complicated to use.

GET: This action allows you to create a single GET request with optional query strings.

POST: This action involves creating a single POST request as a form or JSON.

PUT: This action allows you to create a single PUT request as a form or JSON.


Taking screenshots is already a nifty feature. On top of that, webhooks integrated in screenshotting software only improves it because of additional features that you can use to make things easier. You don’t even need to use another program since it is created to be used in tandem with Zapier.

Looking for a browser screenshot API? Look no further than Get Screenshot! Aside from the standard screenshotting features, GetScreenshot comes integrated with webhooks to make things easier for you. Connect Webhooks today!